Победитель конкурса украинских производителей
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Wild herb floral ring in colored silver

Transform your look with FLORA. Our jewelry looks incredibly beautiful!
Ларбре Украшения
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Wild herb floral ring in colored silver

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Graceful spikelet in silver. The base of the ring has a natural shape, similar to a branch. Thanks to our incredible technology, a real plant is hidden inside the jewelry under a layer of silver. The ring is easily adjustable on its own, fits your size and such rings will never be repeated. These rings, like our other pieces, are a return to uniqueness. Only you will have such unique jewelry.


  • FLORA TM — finalist of the world's largest jewelry design competition Arte Y Joya (Spain, 2022)
  • Winner of the competition of Ukrainian manufacturers
  • Our company is included in the register of outstanding craft enterprises in Europe (Homo Faber Guide Michelangelo Foundation)
  • The choise of the New York Jewelry Week 2022-2023
  • Representing Ukraine at the International Jewelery Week in Milan 2022

Stop and look at the world around you! That every flower and spikelet in the meadow of our life is filled with magic.

Transform your look with FLORA. Our jewelry looks incredibly beautiful!
Ларбре Украшения

Хризантема - бесподобна! Я конечно больше всего люблю клеверы, но после них, на втором месте хризантемы( даже татуировка хризантемы есть). И дома,на подоконнике три кустика. Люблю эти цветы!

Прекрасный василёк... его лепестки так робко приоткрыты... красивый увековеченный момент. Миг, который удалось остановить.

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About jewelry FLORA
  • Attention! FLORA jewelry is addictive. Buyers get so used to them that they don't want to shoot day or night. Think well before buying!
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◾FLORA branded precious mineral coatings are real, natural minerals grown in a special way on metal jewelry

◾The surface geography of some FLORA jewelry is represented by areas with micro-hairs, often not exceeding 0.01 mm in height. Under a microscope, such sites look like the landscape of an unknown planet.