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About the company

— And we did it! We managed to preserve that special sensation when you hold a piece of jewelry in your hands – the sensation of it being alive. If you wear it, it gradually becomes a part of you. Yes, it is a strange sensation, it is not easy to describe.

How it all started. 

Alchemy was interacting with modern science and the magic of plants was getting on the Mendeleev table with every passing day, rooting deeper and deeper into its periods and groups. Reaction equations were worked out scrupulously. The laboratory was more and more equipped with flask and thermostats, microscopes and vacuum stations. More and more new experiments were conducted. FLORA concept was crystalized within that crazy mixture.

Gradually understanding of the fact that our customary notion of “living” and “nonliving” was wrong became stronger. In the course of work strange, almost magical things were occurring more and more often. And really, what do you call it when a metal took and copied shape of a live plant on its own, colorful patterns appeared on smooth metal surfaces, more resembling pictures of distant planets, photographs of some cosmic swirls in unknown star systems. In time came the realization that everything around us is alive and that all the beginnings of the Universe are united under one common idea of Life. Metals, minerals, plants and animals. Everything is united.

—Trees. I hear them, feel them. It is always like that, you are walking through the woods, then all of a sudden you feel it – here it is. Right here. That very sensation. The tree will let you know on its own which leaf you can pick. They (trees) must be united in some kind of a network. They know it all.

About what we do.

FLORA is unusual, live jewelry. Every leaf, flower or cone is natural and unique. We managed to save it from decaying, strengthen it, suit it in metal armor. Now it is sturdy and its charming elements are open and contrasting. FLORA preserves the natural features of plants without invading their natural form. A plant is beautiful and harmonic just the way it is. The way it was formed under the Sun. Without excessive intrusions and corrections.

Strokes of an artist’s paint brush create a beautiful, unique painting by blending together, by dancing in symbiotic embraces. They turn a canvas into a piece of art. Veins and bumps, dots, thorns, fuzz and holes is an army of thousands that form their own absolutely unique image. They turn a plant into a special, material form of time – “Frozen Time”.

That is our concept. Ultranaturalism in a special FLORA style – style of a frozen moment.

A little more than just jewelry.

— Here you can’t buy a 100 similar jewelry pieces, there is no quantity field next to a product where you can fill a number in. No. They are so different that you cannot even find two similar ones. Shape, micro and macro structure, toning, alternating of shiny and matte areas – all that is too unique. Even the photos are always new, individual for every product. I know, I have seen it numerous times – when we talk about something more than just a piece of jewelry – a person should make a conscious decision. They have to feel, hear, sense and realize – yes, that is me. And we provide that opportunity. We do not use standards. Each piece is a separate act of creativity, or more like an act of “freezing time” for something once created. That is the world of FLORA. And that is just the beginning.

Jewelry, but is that all it is? Is it just a leaf, flower framed in metal? Fragile, so vulnerable inside – now a knight chained into a noble armor. Doesn’t it resemble a sensitive human soul?

Or is it a flower from another world? From a parallel reality? The one where we go in our dreams? Remember the fairy tale – about a magic country where Milk Rivers flow among Jelly Shores. Where amazingly beautiful trees grow. Trees of gold, silver and copper. 

Or is it a totally original, special micro world? And metal is a unique atmosphere, call it metalsphere. Like a thin ozone layer that protects our planet from the abyss of space. World of FLORA. Kingdom of grass and aromas, tantalizing faraway space full of ideas and discoveries. A place where a dreaming soul can find its peace. A place where one cannot be disturbed. A still river in which anyone can see their reflection.

Welcome! The world of FLORA awaits!