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Pendant in silver, Physalis

Transform your look with FLORA. Our jewelry looks incredibly beautiful!
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Pendant in silver, Physalis

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Real Physalis in Antique Silver. Get ready to constantly tell others what a beauty it is on your neck and to see their admiring glances. The decoration is made by the designer in a single copy. The mineral coating gives the jewelry a nice shade and protects it from darkening. Due to the combination of several shades, the pendant matches a variety of outfits. The size of the pendant is 72 cm. At this length, it will be worn in the lower part of the neckline. The size of Physalis is about 5 cm.

  • FLORA TM — finalist of the world's largest jewelry design competition Arte Y Joya (Spain, 2022)
  • Winner of the competition of Ukrainian manufacturers
  • Our company is included in the register of outstanding craft enterprises in Europe (Homo Faber Guide Michelangelo Foundation)
  • The choise of the New York Jewelry Week 2022-2023
  • Representing Ukraine at the International Jewelery Week in Milan 2022

Physalis - from South America and recently in our area. Nothing is known about the magical properties of physalis, but how beautiful it is!

Transform your look with FLORA. Our jewelry looks incredibly beautiful!
Ларбре Украшения

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  • Physalis is unmistakably recognizable by its fruits - berries enclosed in a shell of fused sepals. The shell resembles a paper lantern, especially in autumn when the orange or red sepals dry up.