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Bracelet in silver ,Oak

Transform your look with FLORA. Our jewelry looks incredibly beautiful!
Ларбре Украшения
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Bracelet in silver ,Oak

Power tree
Power tree
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In many cultures, the Oak was revered as sacred. These trees, many of which are over a hundred years old, really inspire peace, they are filled with the power of nature itself. This piece of jewelry contains a real Oak leaf inside. The place where it grows is of great importance. The leaves were found on the island of Khortytsya. This is a large island on the large and beautiful Dnieper River. I used to spend a lot of time walking around it. The island is covered with many legends, among the people it is considered a place of power and I agree with this. I have repeatedly felt the power of this island on myself. Precious minerals grown on the surface of silver give the bracelet beautiful shades. The bracelet is durable. This piece of jewelry is made in a single copy. This Oak leaf bracelet comes in a beautiful gift box with an accompanying booklet that describes the brand's philosophy and our technology. This bracelet is adjustable in size and you can easily adjust it to fit you.

  • FLORA TM — finalist of the world's largest jewelry design competition Arte Y Joya (Spain, 2022)
  • Winner of the competition of Ukrainian manufacturers
  • Our company is included in the register of outstanding craft enterprises in Europe (Homo Faber Guide Michelangelo Foundation)
  • The choise of the New York Jewelry Week 2022-2023
  • Representing Ukraine at the International Jewelery Week in Milan 2022

Oak – provides strength. This tree is a constant source of energy. Relieves tiredness. A person becomes noticeably healthier. Productivity increases. Overall condition improves.

Transform your look with FLORA. Our jewelry looks incredibly beautiful!
Ларбре Украшения

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  • Attention! FLORA jewelry is addictive. Buyers get so used to them that they don't want to shoot day or night. Think well before buying!
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  • Oak represents courage and victory. In the legends of Scandinavia, the oak, as the tree of life, was revered by Thor. For the Greeks, oak is the sacred tree of Zeus. Among the Celts, it was the sacred tree of the pagan god Dagda.