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FLORA jewelry amazes people with its "liveliness". They are so similar to real flowers, leaves and twigs that they surprise even those who are far from the world of plants and decorations.

  • Over the past year, we expanded the geography of sales - not only Ukrainians, but also residents of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Turkey, USA, Germany, Spain, Georgia, Slovakia, India and even Syria. Probably, about 30% of the jewelry sold is accounted for by residents of other countries who want to bring home something unique. And of course it's all about:

Manufacturing technology

I have been developing it for 1.5 years without going out in the laboratory. And when it seemed to me that nothing would work, a strange accident happened.

Stuck thermostat relay controlling temperature. It rose above the calculated values and.

The green leaf has become metallic.

Yes, exactly green. Because all this time I was working on an invisible (only 9 nm thick) conductive layer, which was supposed to reveal the characteristics of the plant at the microscopic level. And it succeeded!

Photo: Poplar leaves turned into metal using the technology of deep micro-detailing. Pay attention - the leaf inside the metal shell has retained its color. And some people even smell the plant!

Now, let's take a look at the jewelry under a microscope.

Photo: regular granulated sugar on the left, and on the right - FLORA 7Dreams viburnum leaf pendant. The magnification is the same. Even microscopic hairs are visible on the leaf surface - and each of them is polished and tinted!

Of course, everything is done in more than one reaction area. Micro-detailing is a complex of technologies that is constantly being improved. And now every FLORA jewelry must pass...

54 production steps

to turn this Orchid

into this stone in silver Fleur de Magique