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Кулон в серебре Love Alchemy, Тополь

Transform your look with FLORA. Our jewelry looks incredibly beautiful!
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Кулон в серебре Love Alchemy, Тополь

Strong protection
Strong protection
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Real Aspen tree leaf framed in pure silver. Special processing provides a light shade of blue.

Listen to the sound of harmony slender strings in highly detailed veins of beautiful leaves! Each leaf in the Love Alchemy Collections has been designed and created with the deepest respect to nature and its laws. Magical FLORA laboratory is where they are transformed into amazing pendants which fit any image with fantastic ease and authenticity!

Love Alchemy from FLORA is the alchemy of the 21st Century.

Poplar – a great aid to those living in big cities and being in constant contact with other people. A very powerful neutralizer of negative emotions and feelings. Absorbs and transforms negative energy of the carrier and those around them.

Transform your look with FLORA. Our jewelry looks incredibly beautiful!
Ларбре Украшения

Хризантема - бесподобна! Я конечно больше всего люблю клеверы, но после них, на втором месте хризантемы( даже татуировка хризантемы есть). И дома,на подоконнике три кустика. Люблю эти цветы!

Прекрасный василёк... его лепестки так робко приоткрыты... красивый увековеченный момент. Миг, который удалось остановить.

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About jewelry FLORA
  • Attention! FLORA jewelry is addictive. Buyers get so used to them that they don't want to shoot day or night. Think well before buying!
More information
  • Geography of surface for some FLORA jewelry at times consists of surface parts with microfibers that often do not exceed the height of 0,01 mm. Seen under a microscope such areas resemble a surface of an unknown planet.
  • Branded mineral coatings FLORA are real natural minerals specially grown on metal jewelry.