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FLORA is a real gift 

We made sure that you would enjoy getting FLORA jewelry as a gift, buying it or giving it as a present.

Each piece is packaged in a branded gift box made of high quality materials.

Gift boxes are designed in three colors. Three FLORA colors are colors of Light, Darkness and Life, the latter being a red thread that connects black and white opposites.

FLORA is a guaranteed uniqueness.

I know, it is not easy to imagine that kind of a guarantee but that is the foundation of FLORA. That is our credo. Our products have always differed and will differ from each other. There is always room for individuality. Don’t forget, we work with the goal to make every piece of jewelry the only one in the world.

FLORA is an alive jewelry.

Birth of each piece is a complex and special process. Out technology of profound microdetailing has been created with the idea of preserving the spirit of life. Every element of a plant, every detail of its surface, countless veins, lines and cavities are recreated with one goal – for you to feel Life in it.