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FLORA — is Love... FLORA

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Flora украшения

Flora jewelry is the perfect gift!

FLORA is a plant covered by gold or silver. Inside each jewelry is a REAL PLANT. The unique technology allows us to create products that have no analogues in the world.
FLORA jewelry is very durable. All products are guaranteed for 5 years.
Among the thousands of FLORA jewelry, no two are the same. Handmade combined with modern technology allows us to create absolutely unique jewelry.
Each jewelry is packed in an exclusive wood box. Our packaging is impressive and memorable for a long time.
Jewelry can be purchased in our shop or received by any delivery service.
New collections
Love Alchemy

Alchemy of Love is the name of one of the main collections of FLORA jewelry. Each silver pendant and gold pendant is a dream come true of the ancient alchemists. In our magic laboratory, tree leaves have been transformed into incredibly beautiful jewelry. Many people buy Love Alchemy not only for their jewelry collection, but also as an original gift that will not be forgotten!

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Power bracelets are awesome jewelry! This is the impression they make on people who have touched them. You ask - what can be hidden in a branch? Natural harmony. Real and concentrated. You just need to take a look at these unusual products. Every curve of Power bracelets is perfect. Because it was created by Nature. You can always buy Power jewelry in our online shop FLORA. Each piece of jewelry from Flora is packed in a beautiful wooden box.

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Fleur de Magique

Dear friends! We have expanded our floral jewelry collection. And now you can buy a beautiful silver pendant. Just imagine ... An exotic, rare Orchid or a beautiful Chrysanthemum turned into a silver pendant and covered with bright Antique Silver minerals. And there are many such beautiful flowers – jewelry. And each is unique! Silver jewelry that you can buy in our online store is truly the most original gift for a woman that you can find. And also our gold and copper jewelry. There is no doubt that this is the most unusual gift for a girl!

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Bracelets and earrings from the Poison and Melancholy collection are top sellers in this category. Their success is determined by the beautiful leaves of Willow, Oleander and Sea buckthorn, as well as their simplicity. The leaf smoothly wrapping around your finger is a real unity with nature. You can buy a silver ring from these collections on our website and in Flora shop.

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Хризантема - бесподобна! Я конечно больше всего люблю клеверы, но после них, на втором месте хризантемы( даже татуировка хризантемы есть). И дома,на подоконнике три кустика. Люблю эти цветы!

Прекрасный василёк... его лепестки так робко приоткрыты... красивый увековеченный момент. Миг, который удалось остановить.

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